How To Optimize Your Business Location

Optimizing your business location is one of the most important aspects of achieving high rankings in Google Places listings.

When you claim or edit your Google Place page, you should provide your exact physical business address, just as you would if you were giving it to someone who was going to send you a payment.  Be precise, and include suite #s, complete address, city, state, and zip code (5 digit is fine).

Here are some additional do's and don'ts for optimizing your business location:

P. O. Boxes - Do not create Google Places listings for businesses that do not have a physical address.  Do not put a P. O. Box in the address field.  These listings will be removed when Google finds them.

Multiple Listings - Don't create more than one listing for any one business.

Service Areas - Businesses that operate in a service area, should only create one listing for the central office or location.  You should not create multiple business listings for businesses that service an area.  Learn more about How To Optimize Your Service Area.

Multiple Specializations - If you are a law firm, accounting firm, or doctor's office, with various specializations, don't create multiple listings for the office.  You may, however, create a listing for each professional operating in the office and a separate listing for the office itself.  For example, if you have a dentist and an orthodontist sharing the same physical office space, you may create a master listing for the office location, and then create one listing for the dentist, under his/her name and one listing for orthodontist, under his/her name.

Don't add any keywords or your website or other erroneous information into your business address field.

Here at you can find everything you need to get started ranking in Google Places.  You may call or email with your questions, or if you want to hire me, I would love to do the work for you, so you can focus on your business!