Video Marketing Service

Video is a big deal.  Not only is video a great media in which to communicate your small business products and services, it is a wonderful way to drive traffic back to your website and generate leads.  Plus, Google Places gives you 5 slots to fill with links to your Youtube videos.

I offer basic video creation for $127 per video.  You provide 200 words of copy (or talking points) and 8-10 photos (or original video clips) and I will produce your video for you, set it to music, provide a voice over, and upload it to Youtube.  I will also optimize your video for you based on your keywords.

Your video will be around 45-60 seconds long.

This is not high end video production, but it is workman like and I can turn the videos around for you within a week or sooner.  I have a home recording studio, so the sound quality will be good. 

Here are some video samples of my work:

1.  Buffalo Home Inspection
2.  P90X Success Stories
3.  Portland Pizza
4.  Small Business SEO

Basic video search engine optimization includes adding your website URL, keywords in title and description.

Advanced video marketing using SEO can be obtained by creating quality back links with keyword rich anchor text pointing at your video.  Getting your video ranked onto the first page of Google can create a lot of views and a lot of leads coming to your website and to your phone.

An example of this is a client video (client produced) for the keyword 'does p90x work'.  The p90x transformation video has been #1 ranked since July 2011 and is helping to generate awareness, comments, and leads directly back to the client.

Certainly you can produce your own basic videos or you can spend thousands of dollars to have a production house produce super nice quality videos. You can optimize the videos yourself and build backlinks to get them ranked.  Or, you can have me create a custom video for you for only $127.  If you want your video promoted, I can do that for you, too.  Just email me or give me a call at 503-890-6663.